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[medium_title title=”As a commercial photographer it is my ambition to ensure your business is being represented to the highest standard.”]

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[thb_iconbox heading=”Meet” heading_color=”#ffffff” animation=”animation left-to-right” image=”2090″ content_color=”#aeaeae”]I like to try and see every new client for a coffee as a first meeting, I find this helps to start building a relationship and ensure we are both on the same page before starting any projects together.[/thb_iconbox]
[thb_iconbox heading=”Shoot” heading_color=”#ffffff” animation=”animation bottom-to-top” image=”2089″ content_color=”#aeaeae”]Today is the day, this is the most exciting part of the process, where your ideas and vision really come to life. It’d be amazing if everything ran smoothly but no doubt the English weather will try it’s best to ruin that![/thb_iconbox]
[thb_iconbox heading=”Edit” heading_color=”#ffffff” animation=”animation right-to-left” image=”2091″ content_color=”#aeaeae”]Job done, it’s now time for me to sit down, drink some more coffee, and start editing these shots. For most jobs, one hour of shooting equals another hour of editing. This stage is vital in making sure your product, people or scenes really stand out.[/thb_iconbox]
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Photography became a passion of mine at an early age. I was fascinated by the idea that a single moment, the emotions and actions within it, could be captured forever. As a keen cyclist at the time I started photographing my friends riding and the landscapes I saw on my mobile phone.

This led me to my first camera purchase at the age of 16, a secondhand Samsung dSLR from a friend, I photographed everything I could, parked cars, plants in the garden, everything and anything. A few years later I decided to study Business and Marketing at the University of Lincoln, I had realised the photography industry is tough so decided it was a door I’d have to open later on in life.

During my third year of studying I had a placement year at the The Lift Agency, a specialist marketing agency based in Harrogate, there I worked as an account manager, liaising with clients and briefing designers, here I realised the importance of translating a vision into a physical product, I felt fantastic seeing a clients dream come to reality. Here I started my first foray into professional photography, I photographed for websites, packaging and even Mark Cavendish at an event.

I left after my placement and started working for Audi UK photographing their stock cars for their website. It was a task previously left to sales people and the quality varied wildly, I spoke to my managers and set up a plan to take vehicles off site and bring out their true elegance as the constraints of a dealership do not show off car design well. The success of this had been noted by various top level managers and led to an article being published about my work which was distributed to all Audi dealerships.

At the start of 2016 I decided to set up on my own, having undertaken various freelance work while employed at Audi I decided to work for myself and explore my own clients. My passion with cars remains but what I really enjoy is capturing a clients idea, product or service, and making the end result something they could never have expected.

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[blockquote author=”Annie Leibovitz – Portrait Photographer ” ]“One doesn’t stop seeing. One doesn’t stop framing. It doesn’t turn off and turn on. It’s on all the time.”[/blockquote]

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[thb_iconbox icon=”fa fa-mobile” heading=”CALL US AT” heading_color=”#878787″ animation=”animation bottom-to-top”]07521-705-395[/thb_iconbox]
[thb_iconbox icon=”fa fa-map-marker” heading=”ADDRESS” heading_color=”#878787″ animation=”animation bottom-to-top”]Orchard House, 3 Aspin Chase, Knaresborough, HG5 8PH[/thb_iconbox]
[thb_iconbox icon=”fa fa-envelope” heading=”E-MAIL” heading_color=”#878787″ animation=”animation bottom-to-top”]enquiries@jameshudsonphotography.co.uk[/thb_iconbox]

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