Caulfield Conservatories

For Caulfields Conservatories new Harrogate showroom a 5x2.5m wall sized lightbox was to be created to being the brands Yorkshire heritage into the showroom. Imagery was provided by myself and the lightbox was created by The Lift Agency.

The client requirements could only be fulfilled by creating a high-resolution composite image, this is where several hundreds of images are used and carefully aligned in post-production. The resulting file was 250,000 pixels along the long edge, which is 244 times larger than the average computer display screen. The detail in the final image is incredible and can be studied closely, individual branches of trees, sheep and buildings can all be seen on the other side of the valley.

yorkshire dales panorama landscape high res caulfield conservatories 1yorkshire dales panorama high res landscape caulfield conservatories 4yorkshire dales panorama high res caulfield conservatories 5